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September 3, 2009

Horizon House, the Environment Agency’s new Bristol corporate office, has achieved the highest score ever awarded by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) for its environmental credentials.

The city centre development recorded a score of 85.06% under BREEAM 2006, the most widely used environmental assessment method for buildings around the world. No other office building in the UK has ever achieved such a high rating under either BREEAM 2006 or BREEAM 2008, making it the “greenest” office development in the UK.

The BREEAM score is calculated by assessing a building’s performance under eight criteria. Horizon House achieved 100% for Management, Transport and Water and recorded an ‘excellent’ rating for all other criteria including Health and Well-being, Energy and Pollution. Only three other office buildings in the UK have ever achieved a score greater than 80% under BREEAM 2006.

The latest technologies, innovative design and stringent site management have been used to ensure the highest levels of environmental performance in both the construction and use of the building.

Sustainable technologies employed include natural ventilation and rainwater harvesting systems as well as on-site renewable energy sources in the form of a ground source heat pump, 100m2 of photovoltaic cells to produce electricity and a solar hot water system. Waterless urinals, intelligent lighting, water metering and meadow grass roofs to external terraces further consolidate the development’s green credentials.

Environment Agency Chief Executive Paul Leinster said: “This achievement demonstrates how organisations can work with developers to build exceptional offices which meet their needs whilst reducing their impact on the environment.”

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